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 about me 

I am the kind of person who can sit down and just write. Stories just flow out of me. The best challenges are when I'm asked to write something with very specific criteria. I am also the kind of person that is constantly trying to make sure my stories aren't predictable, cause what would be the fun in that. My main type of writing is science fiction, but I am always up to any genre. 


You Got Nothing  |  Sam Krueger  |  Writer 

Love Will Last  |  Chris Fisher  |  Writer

Broken Tuner  |  Kristin Riopelle  |  Writer

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Forgotten War  |  Ted Garland  |  Writer


The Company  |  Doug Cowell  |  Writer


 Training & Workshops 

Straeon   |   Weekend Intensives (Ongoing)   |   Josh MacDonald

University of New Hampshire   |   BA in Theatre: Acting   |   Deborah Kinghorn,

                                                                                 David Kaye

 Special Skills 

Writing stories quickly, problem solving, thinking outside the box, creative writing, quick learner, organizing, planning, scheduling, editing, working with technology.

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Web Series

Bench  |  Various |  Writer


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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little One  |  University of New Hampshire  |  Writer