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about mE as a writer

I love to create stories!


When in the zone, it just flows right out of me. The kind of zone where if someone was to witness me in said zone, I'm sure they would see my mouth wide open and with so much focus that I might well be a robot just sitting there typing nonstop.


I love a good challenge too! The more random things I'm trying to fit together into a story, the better!


And a deadline, bring it! I love doing 48 hour film festivals because there are no excuses why this short isn't going to happen. If I have anything to say about it, I will be in bed in time to wake up to see how the team makes the story happen and I mean it's only a few pages. 



Web Series

You Got Nothing  |  Sam Krueger  |  Writer 

Love Will Last  |  Chris Fisher  |  Writer

Broken Tuner  |  Kristin Riopelle  |  Writer

After the Party  |  Roxanne Morse  |  Writer

Home Lies  |  Sharon Squires  |  Writer

Forgotten War  |  Ted Garland  |  Writer


The Company  |  Doug Cowell  |  Writer

Bench  |  Various |  Writer


A Room, That Clock, Oh Man!  |  Hovey Players  |  Writer                                                                                                
The Tea Party  |  Meditech  |  Writer                                                                                                                                                                                          
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little One  |  University of New Hampshire  |  Writer              




Training & Workshops

Straeon   |   Weekend Intensives (Ongoing)   |   Josh MacDonald

University of New Hampshire   |   BA in Theatre: Acting   |   Deborah Kinghorn,

                                                                                 David Kaye

Special Skills

Writing stories quickly, problem solving, thinking outside the box, creative writing, quick learner, organizing, planning, scheduling, editing, working with technology.

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