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about me

Height: 5"3   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

Vocal: Alto | Non-Union


Court Mandated   |       Mother       |         Independent/Erin Cummins

Last Shift      |          Kristin       |         Independent/Himalaya Kilaru

You Got Nothing     |       Jane Doe     |       Independent/Sam Krueger

Distance   |   Jeff Burton, Independent   |   Morna 

Speed Queen   |   Jingru Yang, Boston University    |   Stella

The Boswell Incident   |   Wes Palmer, Boston University   |   Pregnant Lady

Support   |   James Goyette, Fitchburg State University  |   Kristin

Scarlet Cay   |   Adam Newman, Independent  |   Claire

The Company   |   Doug Cowell, Independent  |   Sam

What was Plan A?   |   Rebecca Maddalo, Independent |   Girl

Parlor Tricks and Arsonists     |   Beatrice Baudelaire   |     URI/Chris Bouchard

Dining Out       |         Dorothy      |      URI/Joseph Sawyer Shaw

My Cross to Bear     |       Emily       |         NEIA/Anthony Abu-Hanna

Taco Boy         |       Jennifer     |       Independent/Ralph Vito

In The Dark       |         Nancy         |       Tufts/Sam Gordan and Max Ribbans

The Tsuchigumo    |    Meghan   |   BU/Melissa Bennett

Sleepwalker       |         Daughter     |       BU/Augustin Boudes

Mary Goes Round      |      Mary        |        BU/Mariana Angulo-Pizarro

IT Security Video Short    |    Student      |      UNH/Corey Neskey

Beneath the Sinews     |       Angry Driver’s Daughter  |  UNH Manchester/RJ Murphy


Web Series

Over Easy Courthouse Cafe   |     Karen        |        ROKKEE Productions, Inc./
                                        Andrea Mark Wolanin

Bench         |           Daughter      |      Midnight Oil Video/Diana Porter

Testing   |   Seth Chitwood, Angelwood Pictures   |   Nurse Diablo

Online Dating  |   Dave Schweitzer, Independent  |   Melody

House Mates   |   Olin Meyers, Independent   |   Kay


CT Department of Public Health   |   Kayaker     |       FlatIron Works

Town and Country Federal Credit Union  |  Catama Productions  |  Expectant Mother

Training & Workshops

Straeon   |   Weekend Intensives (Ongoing)   |   Josh MacDonald

University of New Hampshire   |   BA in Theatre: Acting   |   Deborah Kinghorn,

                                                                                 David Kaye

CP Casting   |   On-camera Auditioning   |   Carolyn Pickman

Special Skills

Ballroom dance, basic tap, basic jazz, competitive swimming, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, crocheting, clowning, driving, Script Writing. Accents: Standard American Southern, Standard British.

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