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Actor & Writer



Since I was a kid, playing make believe was the one thing that made me feel alive and as an adult, acting and writing are the things that keep that alive feeling going. Nothing else compares to it for me.  

I have been acting for over 10 years in plays, in films and now even commercials. When I'm in a character, My voice instinctively changes and I find myself doing things that I would definitely never do as myself. In other words, it's like the character completely takes over my body. Once upon a time, I was a shy kid and people would think the idea of me acting was impossible, but if you were to suggest that to someone who knows me today, they'd think you were nuts. 

Writing was always sometime I occasionally did when I was younger but it wasn't until senior year of college that I realized how much I liked doing it and how easy I found it happened. Writing is like breathing for me, it's so natural that I forget sometimes that people struggle to do it.  




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